How to Charge Lithium Batteries at Low Temperatures

In low temperature, when the battery temperature is lower than 0℃, for the battery pack without heating function, the battery temperature after discharge is higher than 0℃ before charging, or put the battery into the warm storage, and wait until the battery temperature rises to 5℃ or above before charging. If the battery pack is with heating function, please pay attention to whether the charger is working or not when charging. Please disconnect the charger as soon as possible after fully charged, please do not leave it unattended for a long time after fully charged.

Heating the Battery Pack

If you do not take into account the battery pack heating, it is basically impossible to do without capacity loss, after all, when the temperature to -25 degrees environment; such a low-temperature environment is a simple room temperature charging, low-temperature discharging will be on the battery capacity loss, not to mention that you have to low-temperature charging. Suggested measures: heating the battery pack.

Reduce the Charging Speed

At -20℃, if you use C/30 speed to charge the Li-ion ternary battery, the final capacity is only 77% of the nominal capacity. If you reduce the charging speed to C/100, the final capacity can be 100%, but it will take four consecutive days to fill up a battery. Therefore, you can consider slow charging first to increase the battery temperature, and then switch to fast charging. Some car companies’ BMS also have this function, for example, charging to 20% at C/5, and then charging at full speed.

Improve the Battery Temperature

Charging in as warm a place as possible, such as an underground parking lot, and some of the car companies that do a good job with their thermal management systems, is definitely something that can dramatically improve EV range in the cold winter months of a trolley.

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