Our Factory

Unit Pack Power is a battery manufacturer which was established in 2014. The factory is located in Shenzhen City, the company has gathered a strong group with development, production and quality control personnel which over ten years of working experience in the battery industry. We have a complete technology development center and quality monitoring system, Established a strong R&D and management team which dedicated to our customers to provide the highest quality battery and power solutions. Pack Team Power with strong capital, strong productivity, top-notch R&D technology and perfect after-sales services, constantly innovates and develops rapidly, making the company’s products more market-oriented and more able to meet market demands, it gradually become active in lithium battery research and the one of the most cutting-edge professional manufacturers.

Product Application

Widely used in electric passenger vehicles, electric logistics vehicles, electric special vehicles, large-scale power storage, household energy storage, solar energy storage etc…. with high security, high consistency, high reliability and other characteristics.

Our Certifications

CE, EN, 62133, UN38.3, MSDS, ROHS.

Production Equipment

Cell sorting machine, automatic spot welding machine, manual spot welding machine, finished product comprehensive tester, aging cabinet, etc.

UPP Cell Partners:

Our Service

Pre-Sale Service:

1. Free technical advisory services for customers.

2. Invite the customers to visit our company to inspect product design, product manufacturing process, prototype, testing facilities and quality management system.

3. Our company can assign experienced technicians to design and select for free according to the site conditions and technical parameters provided by customers.

In-Sale Service:

In the process of product manufacturing, the customer is invited to visit the company to inspect the various processes in the manufacturing process, and provide the product’s inspection standards and inspection results to the relevant technical personnel.

After Sales Service:

1. The warranty period of our company’s products is 2-years, and the “three guarantees” service is implemented (it is indeed due to the quality problems of our company, including replacement, replacement, repair)

2. Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team with technicians as the mainstay. In response to the customer’s service information or feedback, the customer will be satisfied with the response and processing within the shortest time.

3. Our company regularly communicates with customers to understand the use of the products and help solve the problems that may be encountered during the use. At the same time, seek quality and technical improvement advice to better serve customers.

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